Sunday, August 29, 2010

Who needs this

I heard a great quote that really made me think in a profound way. This statement was made by a Buddhist monk at the Bali summit on global warming in 2007. He said, "The challenge is to redesign the world: To design a more authentic, genuine and elegant world. Who needs this wasteful, stressful, congested, exploitative world where half humanity goes to bed hungry and the other half suffers from obesity. We can do better than this." His name is Samdhong Rinpoche. -W3.0

Friday, August 06, 2010

America's dreams

America has created great dreams: Man on the moon, civil rights, women’s rights, etc. Why can't we dream of a world free of fossil fuels and make it happen like all the other dreams. Let’s dream a country and world that is sustainable, non-toxic and where individual greatness is honored and respected. How’s that for a dream? Dream on, it’s all a story anyway, let’s create one that works. It is World 3.0

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Fact or fiction

I always wonder what is more powerful, fact or fiction? or non-fiction versus fiction? Which one affects our lives the most. I have arrived at the conclusion that the effect is the same because most facts are fiction and most fiction is factual.

Burn down the paradigm

The real weapon to burn the current paradigm is creativity, yes creative destruction is the game. Replication, imitation and the sameness will never work. It is creative trashing of the old models, create, create, create-yes. World 3.0

Monday, August 02, 2010

Creativity is the power play of the future

Innovation and creativity are in the same league with transparency as the global killer applications. So we all need to reconnect with the wild, wacky, powerful, playful, non-heard, unique and authentic inner child to be able to succeed in the future. Operating from the stale imitator part of us will not make it. It is time to give ourselves permission to break through the old personal paradigm of compromise and let the child play -- create, reinvent and transform.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am stopping imitation

I am trying a new personal experiment which is to stop imitating and start creating, designing and following my own guidance. Instead of asking, I am becoming my own source of reference. Eventually I would like to create a good percentage of what I do, produce and use. What a risk! I guess the only way to change the world is to redesign one’s life. W3.0

They do not know more than you

People in positions of authority do not know anything more than you do. Experts do not exist. We are making up the world as we go along. Question and create. World 3.0

Monday, May 17, 2010

What is more powerful, facts or fiction

I always wonder if facts and non-fiction are counterproductive. They stop the evolution of stories by cementing a way of doing something as the truth. On the other hand fiction keeps the stories of life liquid, in motion, transforming and creating new ways of being, doing and acting. Fiction permits us to expand beyond our limits and explore the unknown. I think it’s all one big make-believe. What is the difference between non-fiction and fiction? No difference-but non-fiction is stationary and cemented to a time in history and attached to certain mechanics; fiction is fluid, creative and ever-changing. Live in fiction, recreate your life, the world and this Paradigm. Yes World 3.0

Monday, May 03, 2010

Why do we love to be fooled

Why is it that we love not being told the truth. We accept living a mega lie and we know at a certain level that we are being taken and that the game is rigged. Yet we continue to act like it is not so. I am not curious about the what and the why of the people doing the covering up and the lying. I am very interested in the why of those of us being taken for a ride in many areas of life: finance, health, politics, education, energy, etc, etc. We cannot handle the truth. We cannot stand transparency, why?
We pretend that China does not censor its citizens, that it is not a violator of human rights and a cruel dictatorship; that Cuba is not run by two gangsters; that Venezuela is not run by a crazy destroyer and a corrupt dictator. That Russia is not a Mafia state and the US congress has not been bought by the top interest groups: Oil, insurance, banks, pharma, etc. How about you? Where do you and I stand in this whole game?
Transparency is the new killer application of the new global paradigm, World 3.0

Monday, April 26, 2010

I love the red Prada shoes the Pope wears

When the Pope last visited New York City, he lifted his robe to say hello to some of his followers. At that moment I realized what is that one thing I really like about the Pope and it is his red Prada shoes. They are symbolic of what is really behind the robes. It’s a different lifestyle than the one on the other side of the religious customs, the spiritual hats and the stories. It is very different. The Pope needs to figure out how to make sure that what is behind is the same that is visible. He cannot preach and tell people to wear PayLess and he wears the red Prada's. I would say he needs to tell everybody to wear designer shoes, cool clothing and stop covering it up. At this point I would not be surprised if we find out that the Pope actually works or had worked for Goldman Sachs.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Everything is up for sale including your congressman/woman

As a libertarian I am having a hard time expressing this particular point of view. It has to do with the fact the Congress is really a puppet institution of corporate America and special interests. It has nothing to do with you and me. The strings are being directly pushed and pull by the strong and influential community of ex-politicians called lobbyists. Under this current scenario most things that need to change will not change because the status wants it this way because the rules are tilted in their favor so they can win all the time. The question is how do change this. I say public financing of campaigns. Anybody that qualifies as a candidate through getting the right amount of signatures, etc., will have access to a set amount of money in accordance to the office they are running for. All the candidates have the same amount of cash. It is an even playing field. It becomes about creativity, personal skills and drive. They can focus on the issues instead of fund-raising. They cannot be bought and therefore more independent minded people can participate in the political game and affect real change. In this way the public is really served and politicians can keep their integrity and not be fund beggars, which is what they are right now. Okay, now we have a chance to see a real shift in America, where the future is bright and fair, how about that? World 3.0

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Wizard of Oz

I was consuming a bit of TV news and reading newspapers after a trip abroad. As I was reading I realized that all this stuff we consider news, in its majority, is all a distraction to cover-up what is behind the curtains of the game we cannot see. It is about making us look in the wrong direction and focus on what is really not important so the game goes on as a little group continues to benefit. This little group has all types of ideologies, political beliefs and political systems - they too are part of the entertainment. The owners of the theatre game run their company called Power and the audience and the actors represent a global movement that is growing in leaps and bounds called the heard. Time to pull the curtain to see who is running the show-the method is radical transparency. World 3.0

Friday, January 22, 2010

Time for a new mind-set

It is really time for us to make a global mind shift. It is really getting boring. The old mind-set of command and control is just stale, inefficient and inhumane. I would say that on a global scale it is very unprofitable and it squashes creativity and the evolution of the human race. It is time for an open source mind ware. As the Internet expands in all corners of life it would seem that openness and freedom would be growing but the opposite is true, even though there is an apparent sense of freedom. In my opinion it is to the contrary, even in countries where democracy has been established, if one looks in depth into the power base it is controlled by a very small group of people. Does this sound familiar, think about it. I say paradigm shift for World 3.0.

Who is Radamés Soto?

Radames Soto is the president and founder of Kinina Ventures, a firm specializing in the creation and acquisition of companies in the wellness and media sectors. He is a former Managing Director of The Wall Street Journal Interactive. Soto joined Dow Jones & Company in November 1998. Under Mr. Soto's direction, the former Wall Street Journal Americas expanded its focus on the business and financial needs of the Latin American market through the creation of The Wall Street Journal Interactivo.

Mr. Soto is widely regarded as one of the most experienced and multi-faceted figures in the new media world. Among his projects is the film "Road Dogz," the nationally syndicated series "HispanicAmericans: The New Frontier" hosted by Jimmy Smits, "Video Active" - a nationally syndicated show for teenagers, and "America Latina Finanzas y Negocios" - a weekly business show syndicated throughout Latin America sponsored by Merrill Lynch.

Mr. Soto has an extensive track record in the creation of content both for the Internet as well as film and television. He developed a TV/Internet series with HBO "Techno3." He is considered by many, including publications like Variety, the New York Times, the Village Voice, and Hispanic Magazine, as a leader in Internet content for Latinos.

Mr. Soto owned and operated a successful and well-respected entertainment and media company for five years, Blue Pearl Entertainment. He is also the founder of TDI (a broadcasting & Internet investment firm) and Zotox Investments, a new media merchant house for the Spanish-speaking world.

As a journalist Mr. Soto is the recipient of an Emmy, the ACE Award, and a New York State Broadcaster's Association Award. He is also a three-time nominee for the ACE Award in investigative reporting.

Mr. Soto has been keynote speaker at the following conferences: LOHAS conference in Boulder-2001; Inter- American Development Bank in New Orleans-2000; Jupiter Communications in Miami -2000; LatinTech Conference-2000; Internet World-Latin America-1999; Jupiter Communications Advertising Conference, NY-1999; The New Media Forum, New York City-1999; Digital Hollywood, Beverly Hills, CA-1999.

Mr. Soto holds a bachelor's degree in journalism, an MBA in Management, and a specialization in finance from the University of Miami. He also has a specialization in Mergers and Acquisitions from New York University. He is married with three children and resides in New York City and Miami.

Make the planet a nourishing and loving place to live. The heart is the real source of our actions and ideas. Let's really make quality of life and human nourishment the priority.

Respect nature. We are nature; it is our duty to respect, protect and learn from nature rather than conquer her.

The Inner Journey. The real revolution is our inner growth. As long as we do not reinvent our inner landscape, our outer reality will continue to be limited, stale and violent.

Live a holistic lifestyle. The mind, the heart, the spirit and the body are one interrelated organism.

Business to transform the world. Business is a very powerful force that must be used to transform the earth. Compassion, entrepreneurship, innovation and the Spirit are the core elements of this transformation. Business based on innovative chaos, taking risk, intuition, heart, synthesis, non-linear skills, a holistic approach, conservation, quality, cooperation and partnership are the focal points of a new business paradigm.

Use technology to unite people. Let's create technologies that bring us together and help us develop lives of greater quality. The Internet is a manifestation of our desire to be connected. We aspire to connect to each other and become whole.

The Media. Media must inform, uplift, educate, inspire and unite. Not manipulate, instill fear, and keep people from developing their inner greatness.

Individual versus the collective. The individual must become responsible for his or her well-being, inner journey and self-improvement. The government cannot do it. Let's empower our selves, hearts, and thoughts.

Government small and non-intrusive. The government is simply a traffic cop. The responsible individual is the engine of growth, order and prosperity.

High self-esteem is the most effective weapon against corruption. As human beings we must understand that we are all capable of creating the life we want. We do not have to take from others. The universe is an abundant system. Scarcity is an illusion.

We are what we eat/eating is a political act. If we eat junk, we become junk, we think junky ideas and we end up creating a world of junk. Let's eat quality food and become quality people.

Quality of life over superficial growth. Our economic growth must be based on the growth of the human spirit and the improvement of our lives. We need to change the measurement of our economic life and the meaning of the word "profits." Profits must include quality of life, personal growth and enjoyment.

Learning is a human right. Teaching people is a global duty; not having education available is a violation of human rights.

Role models are extraordinary people. We must admire real people that have created extraordinary lives, not people created by the media. Role models are essential for the development of our human potential.

Abundance and prosperity. The universe is abundant. We are abundant and limitless. We need to turn our minds and hearts toward our greatness, abundance and possibilities.

Consumption vs. quality of life. We cannot fill our emptiness by consuming. Consumption must have meaning and its consequences measured. We need nourishment, creativity, encouragement, playfulness and community - not more consumption.

Individual creativity, imagination and self-expression are sacred. Individual creativity must be respected, encouraged and protected. It is the only way out of our current broken paradigm.