Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Angry imitators

I wonder if many of the big the problems on this planet have to do with people not honoring their greatness,uniqueness and creativity. We go out into the world looking to fit into other people's game while ignoring our game and who we are. It is a form of personal dis respect which creates anger, hopelessness and the feeling of being out of control. I think this dynamic turns us into angry imitators  and traitors of your own being.  Making the world into series of repetitive errors since everybody is just repeating the old stuff that others are doing. Few of us have the courage to fail at the expense of our own uniqueness. Our failures are imitations. Maybe that is why the world does not seem to change that much. This is  a personal reflection on my own tendency to imitate.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Is there a relationship between lack of creativity and corruption?

 I have the hunch that feeling un creative is the reason why there is so much corruption on this planet. People that feel that they can't create have to take. This of course relates mostly to highly driven and ambitious people. Is it an issue of creative low self esteem? They do not trust there ability to create value in the world so they resort to taking, stealing, etc as a way of expressing themselves and getting what they want. Creativity is a source inner worth. It is the closes human quality to Universal energy, God, Shiva whatever one wants to call it. This is just a thought with potentially big implications.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Terrorism what are we going to do about it? maybe stop supporting the regimes that creates them?

I believe we have two options either exterminate them completely which I think is almost impossible or we stop supporting the regimes that create the despair and lack of hope that turns terrorism, death and being a  suicide bomber into an attractive option.  I vote for number two.The middle East is controlled  mostly by a few ruthless families and groups  that do not seem to be interested  in giving their people a life worth living. I would say we start by getting ride of them first so this region can flourish, become democratic,  open and economically fair.  Another interesting point is that some of these countries that are creating the appropriate  environment for the growth of terrorism are also financing them, probably with the money we pay for their oil. We are stuck in a stupid, dangerous and expensive cycle. I believe  extremist are  a small portion of the overall Muslim population but extremely angry, poor and with no hope of a quasi decent life. If the right and humane conditions are created these groups will have no reason for being. I agree that this could be naive of me. But one thing is for sure what we are doing now is not working.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Taxing the rich, Come on Man stop it

Taxing the rich is just a cliche. It does not make any sense. You cannot take way  through taxation the incentives to invest and create jobs from those that create the real wealth in this country. If one  continues raise taxes on the rich and the productive the will leave, think france. I believe the first  move government ought to do is to  stop wasting our money through all these pork projects, bureaucracy, useless wars, blowed government, etc and use all those dollars to give the middle class and lower classes the relief, infrastructure , health care and education needed to really advance and become the rich. We have to stop pimping the poor  and the middle class for political points, come man stop it.

Friday, January 16, 2015

A low self esteem planet: we let corrupt regimes steal the world assets with no consequences.

Government after  government, regime after regime in most of the world is the business of making money for themselves and their friend becoming extraordinarily rich. We all know it but yet we act like it is not happening hoping the next group of character that move into the presidential palace will not steal as much and they steal even more. The population of most countries sit their and watch this show over and over  without much  action no consequences to perpetrators. It is like a city where murder is not punished, imagine. Latin American has pretty been stolen in last 30 years so is the majority of the third world. How about Russia, the Arab world, etc. It is amazing to me the levels of corruption on this planet  no punishment. How about at least returning the stolen asset? Why not at least chase them down and have then return the money. It would create a precedent and the fear of severe consequence for future governments. We need a global group therapy to figure out why we permit such atrocities in total silence. Imagine a world without corruption.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The untapped power of the brain-"Limitless" and "Lucy"

Two films “Limitless” and “Lucy”, which  were not box office hits, have intrigued me. I really liked both films to the point that I have seen them several times.  These two films deal with characters that take voluntarily or involuntarily substances that permit them to tap into 100% of the brains potential and what happens when they do. I thought about my interested and attraction to this subject matter? I realized that it's my desire to figure out a way to expand my own levels of consciousness, talents and overall potential. I feel like we are all stuck in a low gear and that there is a lot more to be accesses in terms of our humanity and potential but the path is not quit clear on how to go about it in a relevant time. I wonder if in our lifetime will we be able to reach the full capacity of our brainpower through a combination of inner transformative work, physical and  mental exercises and the help of non-harmful drugs/supplements. In meantime we are left with watching "Limitless" and "Lucy" which helps me continue to explore and imagine the possibility of this reality becoming true.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Bye bye Dictators may oil prices continue downward

I hope the price per barrel of oil reaches $20. I would like to see those highly corrupt oil dependent regimes brought down to their knees and back to reality. Their friends and allies like governments, financial players and business groups that have partner up with these regimes in the destruction of countries, people lives and their futures must also go down in flames. I would like start by hoping that one of the first to fall is Venezuela which is not a government but a a gang. It is time for justice and may Oil prices be the judge. I have another in mind. It start with an R.

Who is Radamés Soto?

Radames Soto is the president and founder of Kinina Ventures, a firm specializing in the creation and acquisition of companies in the wellness and media sectors. He is a former Managing Director of The Wall Street Journal Interactive. Soto joined Dow Jones & Company in November 1998. Under Mr. Soto's direction, the former Wall Street Journal Americas expanded its focus on the business and financial needs of the Latin American market through the creation of The Wall Street Journal Interactivo.

Mr. Soto is widely regarded as one of the most experienced and multi-faceted figures in the new media world. Among his projects is the film "Road Dogz," the nationally syndicated series "HispanicAmericans: The New Frontier" hosted by Jimmy Smits, "Video Active" - a nationally syndicated show for teenagers, and "America Latina Finanzas y Negocios" - a weekly business show syndicated throughout Latin America sponsored by Merrill Lynch.

Mr. Soto has an extensive track record in the creation of content both for the Internet as well as film and television. He developed a TV/Internet series with HBO "Techno3." He is considered by many, including publications like Variety, the New York Times, the Village Voice, and Hispanic Magazine, as a leader in Internet content for Latinos.

Mr. Soto owned and operated a successful and well-respected entertainment and media company for five years, Blue Pearl Entertainment. He is also the founder of TDI (a broadcasting & Internet investment firm) and Zotox Investments, a new media merchant house for the Spanish-speaking world.

As a journalist Mr. Soto is the recipient of an Emmy, the ACE Award, and a New York State Broadcaster's Association Award. He is also a three-time nominee for the ACE Award in investigative reporting.

Mr. Soto has been keynote speaker at the following conferences: LOHAS conference in Boulder-2001; Inter- American Development Bank in New Orleans-2000; Jupiter Communications in Miami -2000; LatinTech Conference-2000; Internet World-Latin America-1999; Jupiter Communications Advertising Conference, NY-1999; The New Media Forum, New York City-1999; Digital Hollywood, Beverly Hills, CA-1999.

Mr. Soto holds a bachelor's degree in journalism, an MBA in Management, and a specialization in finance from the University of Miami. He also has a specialization in Mergers and Acquisitions from New York University. He is married with three children and resides in New York City and Miami.

Make the planet a nourishing and loving place to live. The heart is the real source of our actions and ideas. Let's really make quality of life and human nourishment the priority.

Respect nature. We are nature; it is our duty to respect, protect and learn from nature rather than conquer her.

The Inner Journey. The real revolution is our inner growth. As long as we do not reinvent our inner landscape, our outer reality will continue to be limited, stale and violent.

Live a holistic lifestyle. The mind, the heart, the spirit and the body are one interrelated organism.

Business to transform the world. Business is a very powerful force that must be used to transform the earth. Compassion, entrepreneurship, innovation and the Spirit are the core elements of this transformation. Business based on innovative chaos, taking risk, intuition, heart, synthesis, non-linear skills, a holistic approach, conservation, quality, cooperation and partnership are the focal points of a new business paradigm.

Use technology to unite people. Let's create technologies that bring us together and help us develop lives of greater quality. The Internet is a manifestation of our desire to be connected. We aspire to connect to each other and become whole.

The Media. Media must inform, uplift, educate, inspire and unite. Not manipulate, instill fear, and keep people from developing their inner greatness.

Individual versus the collective. The individual must become responsible for his or her well-being, inner journey and self-improvement. The government cannot do it. Let's empower our selves, hearts, and thoughts.

Government small and non-intrusive. The government is simply a traffic cop. The responsible individual is the engine of growth, order and prosperity.

High self-esteem is the most effective weapon against corruption. As human beings we must understand that we are all capable of creating the life we want. We do not have to take from others. The universe is an abundant system. Scarcity is an illusion.

We are what we eat/eating is a political act. If we eat junk, we become junk, we think junky ideas and we end up creating a world of junk. Let's eat quality food and become quality people.

Quality of life over superficial growth. Our economic growth must be based on the growth of the human spirit and the improvement of our lives. We need to change the measurement of our economic life and the meaning of the word "profits." Profits must include quality of life, personal growth and enjoyment.

Learning is a human right. Teaching people is a global duty; not having education available is a violation of human rights.

Role models are extraordinary people. We must admire real people that have created extraordinary lives, not people created by the media. Role models are essential for the development of our human potential.

Abundance and prosperity. The universe is abundant. We are abundant and limitless. We need to turn our minds and hearts toward our greatness, abundance and possibilities.

Consumption vs. quality of life. We cannot fill our emptiness by consuming. Consumption must have meaning and its consequences measured. We need nourishment, creativity, encouragement, playfulness and community - not more consumption.

Individual creativity, imagination and self-expression are sacred. Individual creativity must be respected, encouraged and protected. It is the only way out of our current broken paradigm.